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 Are you looking for the best carbon fiber helmets for sale online? If so, we've reviewed the top 7 best carbon fiber helmets on the market right now. If you see a carbon fiber helmet that you are interested in, simply click on the image for more details! Stay safe out there!

7. Carbon Fiber Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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This modular carbon fiber street bike helmet features a flip up chin bar and face shield and stands out from other carbon fiber helmets. One of the nice features is the single button release that allows you to open either the chin bar or face shield with one hand. It comes in a nice black carbon fiber design that looks great(better then other carbon fiber helmets on the market). The overall design and build quality is very good. It offers a good carbon fiber shell and very soft and comfortable premium material which fits snugly, but not too snugly. Overall this helmet is great and offers excellent protection since its DOT approved.

6. Motorcycle Scooter Half Helmet Shorty Beanie

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This motorcycle half helmet features a nice carbon fiber design which looks great while out riding. It sets itself apart from other carbon fiber helmets. Premium soft material is used to ensure maximum comfort on those long trips while still offering maximum protection. It's lightweight yet still feels sturdy enough to protect you and is DOT approved. It comes brand new in the box with a bonus carry bag. The carry bag is great for safely storing your carbon fiber helmet when not in use and protects it from accidentally getting scratched and makes it easy to carry should you need to. For the features this offers at this price point this is a great deal if you are looking for a sleek, safe "beanie" style half helmet.

5. TMS Black Carbon Fiber Helmets

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This full face motorcycle helmet features a carbon fiber look which looks great out in the sun and is UV protected so feel free to enjoy those sunny days without it losing its shine which other carbon fiber helmets might not offer! The lightweight, yet extremely durable composite shell is DOT certified to ensure that your head is properly protected. The comfortable inside padding is removable and washable which is a nice feature to keep it smelling good. These carbon fiber helmets also features adjustable circulation vents which is a added bonus.

4. HCI-100 Carbon Fiber Helmets

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This motorcycle half helmet offers a carbon fiber look and offers DOT approved protection. It's super lightweight and offers extremely comfortable padding inside. The chinstrap is nicely padded as well and does not chafe. The design allows you to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses so you can both look good and protect your eyes from both the sun and any debris that may come your a biker this is essential. The lightweight material is excellent for long rides and still offers protection to your head. For the price, this half helmet is a great buy and sets itself apart from other carbon fiber helmets. It looks great, is super comfortable, and offers DOT approved protection. When buying carbon fiber helmets, these are 3 big deciding factors and this has them all!

3. Joe Rocket HCI Carbon Fiber Half Motorcycle Helmet

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This motorcycle half helmet has a carbon fiber look to it that looks great. It features a durable ABS protective shell and meets or exceeds DOT standards. It's both comfortable and stylish which not all carbon fiber helmets are. It includes a bolt on shorty visor or you can wear your sunglasses with it on those sunny days. The interior padding is very comfortable and high quality. The overall look of this helmet is very sleek (like all carbon fiber helmets) and simple. For the features offered and the protection this helmet provides, the price is a bargain. And really there is no price limit on your own safety(or style)!


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This full face motorcycle has a 100 percent carbon fiber shell so you know its super strong and durable. Too many "carbon fiber helmets" nowadays are not truly carbon fiber helmets, but fake carbon fiber. It also offers a chin curtain which is a bonus. The helmet is very stylish but not too fancy. It looks great and is super strong. The carbon fiber shell is both lightweight yet super strong which is a big deciding factor on buying this helmet. Do you want a lightweight helmet that is just as strong as heavier helmet? Then this helmet is for you. Not only does it offer superior protection and is DOT looks awesome. It will defiantly set your helmet apart from other carbon fiber helmets! Other then offering outstanding protection and looks, it also functional and has a removable and washable interior padding so when it gets stinky you can simply remove it and wash it and have it be like new all over again.

1. Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet - Vader

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This full face motorcycle helmet offers a stunning carbon fiber designed shell made from high quality EVOS. And compared to other carbon fiber helmets this one truly does look good! The helmet is both FMVSS-218 and DOT certified to keep you head safe while out riding. The shell is both sleek and durable and offers anti-scratch protection to keep it looking new. The visor is anti-fog to ensure that your vision remains good no matter the weather conditions or how heavy you breath. This is a great feature since visibility while riding is paramount. The visor also has a quick release for when you need to raise it up. The helmet liner and cheek liners are very comfortable and easily removed. They are all washable to keep your helmet smelling fresh. Another nice feature of this helmet is the ventilation system which offers ample circulation of are to keep things cool and help prevent fogging up the visor. This helmet is a great deal for the price, while looking great and most importantly protecting your head by meeting or exceeding DOT and MVSS-218 standards.

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