Top 7 Best Shooting Ear Muffs For Sale Online

 Are you looking for the best shooting ear muffs for sale online? If so, we've reviewed the top 7 best cheap shooting ear muffs for sale online. If you see one that you are interested in, simply click on the image of one of the shooting ear muffs for more details! Stay safe out there!

7. Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

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The Howard Leight Impact Sport is a stylish, low profile and sleek electronic earmuff with an adjustable headband for a non-slip, secure fit. These shooting ear muffs can automatically shut off all noise above 82 decibels. A single volume and power control knob in these shooting ear muffs allows you to hear all conversations near or far from you. To capture all low level sounds, the Howard Leight Impact Sport uses built-in microphones that can amplify all range commands and other vital sounds.

Users can enjoy clear, full directional hearing in stereo. For full protection, the Impact Sport can actively listen, and can automatically shut off amplification whenever any harmful sound level is detected. These earmuffs can block any impulse or continuous noise of 82 decibels or more. You can connect any audio source or MP3 player to its external audio input. The Impact sport has an outstanding battery lifetime, and runs on two AAA batteries.


• Amplifies commands and conversations with just one single volume control knob
• External audio input can connect to scanner and MP3 players
• Automatic four hour shut-off increases the battery life
• Its completely adjustable low-profile design can fold for an easy storage
• Automatically blocks noise above 82 dB, and has a noise reduction rating of NRR 22

6. 3M Peltor Shooting Ear Muffs Ear Protection

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3M Peltor 105 shooting ear muffs offer ear protection for all noise levels up to 104 dBA. They are over-the-head earmuffs that feature innovative technology that provides safety and comfort for wide range of uses. It’s Twin Cup design ensures a comfortable and soft feel. Their stainless steel headband can distribute weight for a low-pressure fit.

These shooting ear muffs have a NRR of 30 dB

• Excellent fit, comfort and hearing protection
• Fully adjustable and sturdy steel wire padded headband
• Patented and comfortable twin-cup design
• Best for extremely loud conditions

5. Ultra Lightweight Best Shooting Ear Muffs

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Howard Leight Leightning L0F Compact shooting ear muffs are ultralightweight at just 40 ounces. These earcups are ultra slim and sleek. These shooting ear muffs come with a padded headband and have a super soft ear cushions that deliver all day comfort. They have a NRR of 23.

Product details:

• Compact folding design to ensure easy movement
• Designed with sleek and easy-to-fit ultraslim earcups
• Ultra lightweight at just 40-ounce
• Super soft ear cushions and padded headbands to ensure all day comfort
• Steel wire construction offers robust durability and high performance

4. Pyramex PM5010 Folding Ear Muffs NRR 31

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These shooting ear muffs have a soft foam ear cups, and low profile design. They are adjustable to fit all sizes and you can easily fold away the padded headband.

The best thing about the PM5010 shooting ear muffs is that they have a lower profile and won't get in the way when you’re shooting a rifle. The larger ear muffs firmly press against the stock of the gun and also keep you from lining up properly on the shooting sites. The PM5010 are the perfect shooting ear muffs for any gun enthusiast. They even take less space in your range bag!

Product details:

• Soft foam ear cups
• These shooting ear muffs have fold away padded headband
• Low profile design
• Adjustable to fit all sizes

3. 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing Protector

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The Ultimate 10 Hearing Protector are electronic shooting ear muffs that offer the latest in earmuff technology by providing highest level of protection in the industry. Aside from that, it offers lots of comfort and have an extensive list of features.

These earmuffs provide a solid seal around your ears. They do not sit on your ears, but sit around them, cupping them in a proper way. They provide outstanding protection for all applications, such as mowing your yard, blowing leaves, and running your vacuum. The adjustments for these earmuffs are quite sturdy, so once you adjust them to your size and fit, they will stay that way for long.

Product details:

• Pivoting cups and padded headband ensures all-day comfort
• Noise Reduction Rating 30 dB
• Designed for easy use with a large-caliber or magnum rounds
• Dual-wall design to ensure maximum attenuation
• Maximum high as well as low-frequency

2. Howard Leight Best Shooting Ear Muffs - Black

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Howard Leight L3 are premium attenuation Earmuff. These shooting ear muffs are lightweight and combine contemporary style with maximum protection. Their headband is completely adjustable and offers a comfortable fit. It’s super soft earcups deliver complete comfort during long hours or use. It has an NRR of 30.

Product details:

• High attenuation rating of NRR 30
• Super soft ear cushions to ensure superior comfort
• Adjustable headband for custom fit
• Lightweight for that extra comfort
• Contemporary style of these shooting ear muffs offers maximum protection

1. Howard Leight by Honeywell 1013461 Leightning L0F Folding Earmuff

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Howard Leight L0F folding earmuffs are lightweight ear muffs that come with a soft padded headband that is very comfortable. So you can wear them for long hours without any pain or discomfort. The ear cushions of these shooting ear muffs are easily replaceable using the part number 1011998. Their foldable design ensures easy storage. These shooting ear muffs have an NRR of 23 and offer high level of protection to users. They are best for use in any area with loud noises for long periods of time. They are mostly useful in shooting range, lawn maintenance, race track, industrial unites, and when maintaining loud equipment.

Product details:

• These earmuffs have NRR of 23
• Adjustable headband for an individual custom fit
• Folding design ensures easy transport
• Soft ear cushions are best for complete comfort
• Ideal for race track, shooting sports, use with the loud lawn maintenance equipment, and many types if industrial environments

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DISCLAIMER: Product reviews contained herein are based on third party analysis of individual and organization observations and do not reflect independent studies, analysis or findings. Prospective purchasers should conduct independent verification of product specifications and safety standards prior to making any purchases. 


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