Top 7 Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Sale Online

 Are you looking for the best prescription safety glasses for sale online? If so, we've reviewed the top 7 best pairs of prescription safety glasses for the money. If you see one that you are interested in, simply click on the image of one of the prescription safety glasses for more details! Stay safe out there!

7. Uvex Extreme Anti-Fog Prescription Safety Glasses

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You cannot beat the price with the quality with these prescription safety glasses because you can replace the lenses. You can change the lenses to suit you such as multiple tints and they are easy to change. The tips are bendable, which is good and the ear legs are adjustable. They come loose but that is so you can adjust them to the way they fit you. The great advantage with these prescription safety glasses is the anti-fog ability and there is nothing worse than a pair of safety glasses that fog up just because you take a breath! They are great to wear when shooting on the firing range but are rated for shop use too. Unlike most safety glasses, you are given on the job with a hard nosepiece that allows them to wonder all over your nose, mainly downward these prescription safety glasses have a rubberized nosepiece that is surprisingly comfortable. In addition, a good feature is that they will fit over your regular glasses if need be.

6. Escort Over Glasses Clear Lens Safety Prescription Glasses

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These are as rugged as they look. There is a scratch resistant coating over polycarbonate lenses on these prescription safety glasses and have a UV filtering ability that will take the glare of everything. For the price, you can’t go wrong because normal shop glasses have none of these features and can cost more. I have to say they also fit pretty well and do not slide down your nose like the cheaper ones. These prescription safety glasses wrap around your face pretty well having the needed side shields you need for a shop environment. I would not think twice about taking these to the shooting range because you will feel confident when wearing them. They do not feel over-bearing while at the same time there is enough room to wear a standard pair of eyeglasses under them. Unlike the cheaper safety prescription safety glasses that can appear a bit foggy, these are very clear.

5. Global Vision Eyewear Escort Safety Glasses, Yellow Lens

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The prescription safety glasses lenses in these are real clear and great for the shooting range and those jobs around the house that would make you feel better if you had them on. They are made of polycarbonate with a scratch resistant coating and are certified to wear in a shop. They fit over my glasses but you can wear them without and they will not feel bulky. Best thing about these prescription safety glasses is that they stay where you put them. That would have to do with the design because they are designed to hug your face. The best part about these is that you do not have to pay many bucks to own a pair and they are better than the ones they hand out for free in the shops. The boss will be happy too with these prescription safety glasses because they come with side shields allowing you to meet the standards. These spectacles are almost certainly some of the best prescription safety glasses for sale online!

4. Escort Safety Glasses, Perfect If Sensitive to Light

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Working in a lumber mill, these little beauties are great. These prescription safety glasses have smoked lenses and the best part is so are the side shields and great for the outdoors. I use these prescription safety glasses on the firing range too so they work double duty and having a UV listing of 400 I can see the little things that I cannot with my normal glasses. Normal glasses do fit comfortably underneath them too. I also use them for sunglasses. Every morning I drive into the sun to go to work and every afternoon I drive into the setting sun and they work great. Best of all they do not have a ridiculous price on them and I have three uses for them! They are also as tough as they look and are adjustable. Ordering another set of prescription safety glasses because if I ever lose the little gems I want to make sure I have a backup.

3. 3M Reader's Safety Glasses,+1.5 Diopter, Clear Lens Bifocal lens

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One good thing about these prescription safety glasses is that, unlike most in this particular design they have an adjustable nosepiece and the ear legs are also adjustable. The great feature about these prescription safety glasses is that you do not have the full framing around them that can sometimes cut your view. Because of the wrap around styling, you do not have to worry about side shields if you plan to wear them in a shop and they meet ANSI safety standards. Because they lack a full frame, these prescription safety glasses are lightweight and comfortable. A great feature is that they are bi-focal so you do not have to get your reading specs out just to glance a clipboard or working on small stuff at home! Something to think about, because they are fully adjustable you can line up your eyes so that the bi-focal ability suits you.

2. Dewalt Reinforcer High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve

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For the price, you will not believe what you will be getting! These babies are great with the bi-focal addition. These prescription safety glasses are comfortable with the rubber temple cushions and a nosepiece that actually stays where you put them. They are really clear and you will not have to take these prescription safety glasses off and switch to your reading glasses to do a bit of reading. The optical clarity in these prescription safety glasses is much better than the standard, cheap safety glasses they hand out at the shop. I love woodworking and these are perfect especially reading the measuring tape or when doing fine detailing and I don’t have to wear my regular glasses so I can save the wear and tear on those. I think they are pretty stylish looking like a good pair of sports glasses and I am not worried what I look like when mowing my lawn and yes, you should wear safety glasses when mowing your yard.

1. Pagos Foam Padded Safety Glasses With Prescription

When these prescription safety glasses advertise foam-padded comfort, they are not kidding! The foam in these glasses not only feel great but they have a tendency to filter those little particles in the air that can really irritate your eyes so great for woodworking and working in dirty shops. They come with a scratch resistive coating which is great they way I abuse safety glasses! Even though these prescription safety glasses look like they weigh a ton they are actually lightweight and they have the temple legs designed so that they will hug your head. This is a good thing or the foam padding would be about worthless, at least for filtering anything out. Another good feature about these prescription safety glasses is the UV filtering ability. Normal safety glasses are bad enough to see through but then you have to put up with all the glare, especially when they get smeared or dirty.

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