Top 7 Best Jewelry Safes for Home

 Are you looking for the best jewelry safes for home online? If so, we've reviewed the top 7 best jewelry safes for home. If you see a jewelry safe that you are interested in, simply click on the image for more details! Stay safe out there and don't forget to check out these furniture reviews for other home jewelry safes!

7. LockState LS-52EN Large Digital Wall Safe

In terms of jewelry safes for your home, this one is among the best. This jewelry safe for home has an inset and is a mounted wall safe that weighs 35 pounds, but delivers a ton of assurance. The extended steel frame is designed to lie flush against wall surfaces even after a barrage of anchor bolts are installed. One of the most functionally-appealing aspects of this solid steel jewelry safes for homes is the option to remove and customize the shelving layout inside. It can accommodate many small valuables, or a few large items which need to be kept out of sight. The electronic keypad is battery-powered with a backup key access option. The keypad also has a five minute security combo hold after four failed combinations or unauthorized tampering. This model comes in a light gray color for a neutral look against any décor. Of all the jewelry safes for home needs, this safe make any top 7 list.

6. Jewelry Safes for Home: Large Electronic Digital Safe Gun Jewelry Home Secure-Paragon Lock & Safe 

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Here is a jewelry safe for homes that come with the room to make it appropriate as a jewelry or firearms safe. It is 20” tall and 13” deep. Solid 11 gauge steel construction adds an incredible amount of weight to the body and proves to be a formidable obstacle to anyone seeking an opportunity to make-off with valuables. Secondary, right-opening hinges and anchors give this safe an unusual design. The keypad is programmable with a three to eight number personalized code, and it can be accessed using an owner's key. Ultra thick hinges, loud alarm buzzer and padding on the seams makes this safe a reliable home, or commercial use crossover. On our list of the best jewelry safes for home needs, this one is among the best for the money. For the best tent, we'd recommend Tentsy

5. Electronic Digital Safe Jewelry Home Security Heavy Duty-Paragon Lock & Safe 

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Quartermaster jewelry safes for home needs are designed with one thing in mind. It is assumed that any attempt to break into a home jewelry safe will involve attack with blunt force. The Paragon Safe is a heavy duty model that resists all forms of prying and physical tampering. Combined with sturdy mounting hardware, this safe truly is a tiny Fort Knox. The key code locking mechanism has a battery-powered LED readout screen and programmable combination options from three to eight programmable numbers. The body of this jewelry safe for homes is made from 11 gauge solid steel with impenetrable hinges and anchor bolts. It can be accessed with an emergency PIN code or a key through a keyhole that is completely hidden. This is a nearly tamper-proof home jewelry safe. Coming in at #5 on our list of the best jewelry safes for home concerns, this electronic digital safe is perfect for most needs.

4. Embassy JB4985 Wall Clock With Hidden Safe

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Everyone looks at a clock, or considers it just another part of a room's décor. No one would ever suspect that a plain-looking timepiece would securely conceal valuables like jewelry and heirlooms, especially when in comes to jewelry safes for home needs. The clock facade is a standard 10” x 10” clock face with simple, hidden hinges on one side and a locking mechanism on the other. This is an inventive “cubby” safe for jewels, small arms, money and anything small valuables that you need to store out of sight. Some safes with clock faces are non-working or purely artistic. This safe's clock is fully functional and plain making it the last place anyone would look in which to find valuables. No cords are visible. Only a single A battery is needed to hide valuables in plain sight without ever being seen. Coming in at #4 on our list of the best jewelry safes for home needs, this one is the cheapest on the list.

3. Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Safe 

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An armoire is the absolute best way to keep a large jewelry collection organized, easily accessible and completely secure. For a compact home jewelry safe, this white butterfly safe is extremely roomy with many features to properly store jewelry. There is an abundance of hangers, hooks, covered wells, pull-out drawers, ring holders, watch mounts and loose item separators. An eye height mirror is also included to help choose which items you wish to wear. A heavy lock with key entry keeps this jewelry safe closed tight. It is versatile and aesthetically pleasing in a stained, dark hardwood pattern, so it can be mounted anywhere. This is one of the only jewelry safes on the market that can truly be described as “lovely.” Coming in at #3 on our list of the best jewelry safes for home needs, this mirrored home jewelry safe is a great purchase!

2. Paragon Lock & Safe Electronic Wall Safe - Hidden Large Safe For Jewelry or Small Handguns 

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Among electronic jewelry safes for homes, this one is constructed to blend seamlessly with any type of wall material. It has an extended frame to meld with wood slats, stucco, stone and drywall. It is a “picture-style” safe that has multiple shelves, but is only 4 inches deep for easy access to, and categorization of, valuable items. Installation is similar to a window or inset appliance, but the mounting hardware makes it much more secure. The entry has two options of operation. Either electronic code, or physical keys will allow access. The steel construction makes this a great safe for a hidden spot on a wall in any room. Coming in at #2 on our list of the best jewelry safes for home concerns, this home safe is amazing!

1. SentrySafe X055 Security Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, Black


When in comes to the best jewelry safes for home needs, this one is extremely chic looking and modern jewelry safe. It has an electronic lock which is extremely sensitive, and two simultaneously-engaged bolts. The number pad has a digital readout with clearing after every combination attempt. This sleek, black model is so small and secure it comes with mounting hardware and override keys to be kept in the possession of the safe owner. ½ inch walls and .5 cubit feet of storage space is perfect for the most valuable and rare pieces in your jewelry collection, or a prized sidearm. The keypad is quiet and a long-life LED display is easily read in the dark. Coming in at #1 on our list of the best jewelry safes for home needs, we think this is among the best for the money!

Jewelry Safes for Home, Continued

Jewelry safes for home provide a secure means of keeping valuables in your residence private and out of sight. These types of safes are usually compact and can be stored in inconspicuous locations. Jewelry safes for home are also perfect for integrating with certain types of built-in compartmental architecture. Jewelry and gun safes are also a preferred way to ensure safety in the home and in sensitive areas of a business. With a jewelry safe for home, only an exclusive groups of people will have access to what is inside, thereby guaranteeing the safe's contents will only be used by those people with the strictest clearance.

If storage and preservation is your main concern, jewelry safes for homes offer a nearly air-tight environment that literally holds valuables in their prime state for an indefinite length of time. Drawers, boxes and cabinets will never give valuables the secure place they deserve. A safe is the best way to store valuables and other items like collectibles and weapons ... especially jewelry safes for home.

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