The Best Nurse Shoes for Sale Online

Having a job in nursing, assisting medical personnel or food service work industry, you rely on your choice of shoes to provide the very best in comfort, construction and support to last the whole day through. Whether you constantly walk over hard floor tiles, stand for hours at a time or lift heavy loads during your day, you need the best in quality where your feet's support and comfort are concerned. The following products are among the best nurse shoes within our list of the top 30 of 2017. 

30. White Grasshoppers Nurse Shoes - $51.65

Of the best nurse shoes "Top 30" list of what is available in today's market, the Grasshoppers Stretch Lace-Up Sneaker is sure to be included. As a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, this is the professional's professional work shoe that will provide a durable, stretch fit, a thick rubber sole, and 8+ hours of support for the wearer. Ortholite replaceable sole ensures comfort, regulates moisture and is made of a memory foam that contours to your foot's unique shape for consistent daily wear remaining at an optimum. 

29. Croc's Mercy Clog Women's Nursing Shoe - $28

Of the best nurse shoes "Top 30" list, Crocs Mercy Work Clog is sure to be included. It's adjustable back strap provides a custom fit; no-slip sole tread makes for easy footwork on hard floors for 8+ hours of support for the wearer. Their exclusive "massage-po" inner support make all the difference in comfort. The newest design has a higher arch for added support, and the chic and fun designs make it possible for the wearer to express their own style! 

28. Colorful Best Nurse Shoes - $32.49

The best nurse shoes must include the Cherokee Zone Clog with their signature molded removable insole for custom fit. Cherokee fashions in general are unique, authentically-influenced and nature-based in spirit. Bright patterns and colors make it fun to wear these work shoes that don't appear to be at work; they take you through your day with style!

27. Playful Rasolli Nursing Shoes - $39.95

The best nurse shoes must include the Roselli Closed Back Clogs as a chic way to work hard. These have specially-relevant graphics about the day in the life of a nurse. Colorful icons that reflect what a nurse's life really entails; giving care to others. As nursing scrubs have evolved from plain white, blue or green and now have fun theme designs, animals or favorite emojies splashed over bright colored backgrounds, so have the shoes they wear. 

26. Nurse Mates Velocity Comfort Shoe for Standing All Day - $89.95

The best nurse shoes "Top 30" list must include the Nurse Mates Velocity shoes of high-grade leather and rubber soles. This shoe is an aligning corrective orthotic technology for accessing maximum comfort and sustainability for all feet shapes and sizes. With laces and high backs for firm structure, this shoe is not a rock star of shoes, but certainly a high-quality competitor!

25. Slip-On Loafer Shoe for Nurses - $79.98

Wearing the Sanita O2 Slip-On Loafer must be a reason on adding the brand name to our accruing list of the best nurse shoes. With a memory-cushion insole, the colorful choices in patent leather makes this choice of the best nurse shoes very popular. It coordinates with any scrub color or style quite perfectly. The Eva out-sole makes confidence in working on slippery tile floors easy and secure. 

24. Best Nurse Shoes by Allegria - $108.63

The well-made Algeria Mary Jane Flat is for a up-to-date look in nursing wear, keeping it wearable all day long yet providing a fashionista style that some women just need! Coming in a variety of colors and patterns, you just might find yourself wanting to wear this choice in best nurse shoes to places other than work! But don't--it is highly recommended to buy two of these attractive pairs of shoes for after-work activities!

23. Dansko Nursing Shoes for Women - $94.99

The artistic design of the Dansko Xp Mule Shoe allows what the shoe designer calls "fatigue-free" rocker bottom, which works almost as a gravity chair would. Its upper shoe is made of 100% leather, comes in several choices of colors, and the pressure of sustained standing on a daily basis is modified, relieving joint and muscle exhaustion. Place this on a Top 30 List for sure! 

22. Men's Nurse Shoe by Dansko - Leather - $124.95

To truly appreciate this shoe, the Dansko Embossed Leather best nurse shoes choice must be seen up close to be believed. Intricate floral designs etched into the leather in a choice of a beautiful rich mahogany wood-stained facade seems luxurious; you may feel overdressed in this pair of best nurse shoes, but you will definitely get some attention. Make no mistake; Danske is a sturdy, heavier shoe than some of the more lightweight types. That means long durability, more rigid support, and your feet may have to work at it, but they will thank you for it!

21. Slip Resistant Women's Clog Shoe for Nursing - $34.99

"Top 30" list in the genre of clog shoes for those wearers that love a low-slung back to their shoe, SafeTstep Gretchen Clogs are considered a best nurse shoes choice because of two things; quality of support, and affordability of purchase. Slip and oil resistant soles bring assurance of sure-stepping. In plain black, brown, or a splashy-floral design, these are your shoe choices when you just need the basics for your regular work day routine. 

20. Skechers Nurse Shoes - $54.05

Skechers De'Lites Lace-up Sneaker is also another one of the most popular choices on a "Top 30" best nurse shoes list. This shoe appears as if it is strictly for sport, but involves a support insole design that lasts for hours. You may want to remain in your De'Lites for longer than your punch-out time of work. The Skechers brand is often seen on members of fitness center gyms for their flexibility and attractive design. 

19. Pink Lightweight Clog Nurse Shoes - $11.99

Natural Uniforms Ultralight Clogs are truly lighter than most other styles of best nurse shoes varieties. Made with Eva Foam and structures in color/design, these are the ultimate choice when you are simple in your taste and quick to decide on a brand of shoe. Punctuated with square-mesh indentation, they truly are airy and streamlined for the hard-working person who doesn't need flash and glam. 

18. Alegria Mule Shoe for Nurses - $109.95

The Alegria signature butterfly appears on the slip-resistant side of this sole no matter the color or design of this classic clog. It is anatomically state-of-the-art designed for comfort and aeration where hot moist foot health and support is necessary. The buckle adds accent to an already hip shoe design that will have many admirers asking you where you got them! Slightly more expensive than other brands of best nurse shoes listed here, it is made for the stylish in footwear.

17. Stylish Nurse Shoes by Ououvalley - $26.99

OUOUVALLEY Fashion Platform sporty shoes for nurses are in a variety of materials and colorful designs. "Space Mu" leather and fabric make this a stand-out brand, available in five color themes of the same Native American design scheme.

16. White Mambo Work Shoe by Cherokee - $47.59

This Cherokee Mambo shoe joins other same name brand styles of best nurse shoes, and this shoe makes it an easy choice because it is a slip-on shoe with surprising support. Because there are no laces or velcro fasteners for tight control, this shoe has a double goring system in its leather upper to make for a constant supportive fit for hard-working people on their feet most of the day. Black or white are your choices, and go with everything!

15. Alegria Nursing Shoes for Women - $109.95

Many seekers in comfort and good fit, coupled with style and design may make this shoe a ready choice NOT for work; the Alegria Paloma Flat is darling. The instep strap with decorative silver buckle makes you stand up and out for fashion. You may find you need two of these pairs so that you truly may wear your daytime best nurse shoe version, and weekend/evening chic version. 

14. All White Leather Best Nurse Shoes - $69.93

Nurse Mate's Libby Slip-On are true to their heart-shaped icon; a perfect mate to your unique foot size and shape; made of comfortable, classic clean white leather, and so affordable, this best nurse shoes style appears a bit high-priced. they will go with any scrub outfit you may desire to wear. 

13. Shiny Black Leather Skechers Nurse Shoes - $63.71

Skechers Black Patent Leather Clogs have the unique look of a regular slip-on loafer. A higher back-sole rise promoted designers to raise the shoe's arch and therefore is constructed with a higher level of support than a regular clog, ensuring its place on the best nurse shoes list. 

12. Minimal Gray Nursing Shoe by Born Concepts - $29.97

BOC Peggy best nurse shoes receive the appreciation of their customers of high-end elegance that does not sacrifice comfort when they are designed and constructed for professionals on their feet most of the day. Available in natural muted shades, these leather patterned clog-like shoes are not considered "clogs" in that they are solid around the ankle and piece together with care to wear-areas; sides, ankles, heel, and toes. 

11. Nurse Mates Clog for Women - $59.99

The best nurse shoes often come down to that of Bryer Nurse Mates. The solid construction of these nursing shoes is hard to improve upon as everything in the makeup of this shoe has been thoroughly thought through. These shoes work perfectly for other workers on tiled floors (like waiters or waitresses) for long duration periods without giving out in comfort or support. The 2.25" heel height is more than most flats, sneakers, and clogs, but is thick rubber soled and balance out with a higher arch area built into the sole. Several solid colors and colorful patterns are among your choices! 

10. Nursing Shoe by Skechers - $31.49

The Skechers Sports Synergy Sneaker is a darling, affordable and best of all, comfortable and breathable shoe for anyone's best nurse shoe shopping list. In black, white, and brindle gray/white pattern are made out of synthetic mesh material for easy clean and care. 

9. Alegria Napa Valley Nurse Shoe - Low Profile - Black - $129.95

Elegant Alegria Debra Slip-on best nurse shoes is another highly popular and frequently purchased beauty. 100% leather, unique patterned-etched leather design, and cool shades in the upper body of these comfortable shoes make them not seem like work shoes. Contrast stitching and durable rubber soles make comfort plus support to equal wearable shoes for those on their feet for several hours a day. Many nurses may walk miles in their shoes; others may stand in one place most of their day. Either way, these are attractive and made-to-work-for-you shoes that feel like slippers and retain their support for the long term.

8. Super Comfy Nurse Shoes by Alegria - $105

Alegria Kayla Clog joins its sisters and cousins on any Top 30 List for the best nurse shoes possible to be able to count on daily. Like many clogs and slip-ons, comfort and ease in wear are the main focus in designing a work shoe. A removable and replaceable inner sole bed works best for those who are sensitive to slight wear in cushion from daily use, as well as normal foot odor that can't help but permeate into a shoe inside, whether leather, man-made material, or mesh cotton fabric. Make your shoe your style, in every way.

7. Ultralite Cheap Strapless Nurse Clogs - $11.99

Natural Uniforms Ultralite Strapless Clogs are for simple choices of decisive shoppers. No glam, no nonsense, just a streamlined, clean white clog shoe with roomy support and big enough of a bed to house removable sole cushions. While super cheap for nursing shoes, they come with a long-lasting rubber sole and are some of the best nurse shoes of 2017. 

6. Comfortable Slip On Nurse Clogs by Alegria - $99.95

Alegria Keli Professional Shoe assures any consumer that they are getting a highly chic design in a long-lasting set of some of the best nurse shoes for sale online. As always, 100% leather upper and rubber soles blanket your foot, no matter what shape or length/width in solid protection for those long days of work. For this level of quality, you might spend $300.00 per pair. But you are also wearing a top-of-the-line design. Wear your style in available patterns, and also be sure to know you have underneath you the very best in comfort and healthy support. 

5. Best Nurse Shoes for Cheap - $11.97

Natural Uniforms Nursing Clogs and Shoes are on the list! Top choices require many quality checkpoints: Professional medical shoe in class, natural fibers in construction, thick, durable rubber sole and a sizable design for ongoing adjustments; the comfortable back ankle strap can be loosened as the day grows long and your hours on your feet change from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. This can be a life-saver when your work day is extended without notice. Put these on your list of the best nurse shoes for sale online!

4. White-on-White Shoes for Nurses - $37.76

Cherokee Harmony Collar Shoe is just what's its name says: 100% leather padded sides that "collar" your ankle all the way around the back, providing cushion and support. American Medical Association Podiatric accepted bring assurance of quality construction for the user. A quality and artistic design in one of the greatest brand names on this list of the best nurse shoes.

3. Best Nurse Shoes with Hearts - Ultra Comfortable - $36.30

Anywear Health Care/Food Service Shoe is 100% man made in construction material and sole. Removable insole makes replacement easy. Super affordable, and coming in so many cute designs and bright colors, you may want to own several pairs! Hearts and Animal designs seem to be the theme of this comfortable popular brand name shoe that certainly makes the best nurse shoes Top 30 List!

2. Healthcare Work Shoe for Nurses and Doctors - Comfy - $26.57

AnyWear Strangel Health Care/Food Service Shoe is the ultimate Slip-on decorative synthetically designed and constructed work shoe. The choice of glossy and matte finishes in the upper sole in vivid colors and designs make it a breeze to express the essence of you, hard-working best nurse shoes, or in another profession which makes staying on your feet a job necessity, but also a unique individual with a style and personality of your own that you always carry with you. Completely affordable, another popular choice for many people! 

1. Classy Leather Nurse Shoes by Dankso - Ultra Comfortable - $90.06

The Danskin Professional Mule is one of the most popular and highest in quality for design and construction on our "Top 30" List. Its rocker bottom construction enhances the optimum in shock absorption; wide heel strike provides top notch stability with the constant pressure on feet needing only the best. The one pattern this best nurse shoe or food service shoe comes in might remind one of an impressionist's black, blue and cranberry paint strokes, making you feel artistic on your feet!

Best Nurse Shoes Choices
There may seem to be too much of a choice in best nurse shoes for consumers who seek comfort, style and support, but that should only prove to be beneficial. Where else in the world but in America do we have so many different types of one item. We are used to getting something that reflects our style, mood, favorite colors and even our choice in patterns and icons; however, when that choice will be a work-related choice, we might be more discretionary in our choices, and make a more prudent purchase. This will hopefully lead us to the best choice for us in best nurse shoes shopping. Happy shopping, choosing, and future comfort as you work hard, and, play hard!

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