Top 25 Best Tool Bags of 2017

Every tradesman wants to make the most out of their effort and not be slowed down by a disorganized tool collection on hand. It's with this in mind that we here at Workersy have reviewed the top 25 best tool bags for sale online. From multi-compartment LeatherCraft tool bags to tried-and-true DeWalt tool bags, we've found the very best tool bags for sale anywhere. Enjoy! 

25. Multi-Compartment Tool Bag with 50 Pockets by LeatherCraft

LeatherCraft offers a custom bag that can stow away tools as needed. Best tool bags are ranked according to their utility. The unique soft tool bag is useful but may be too complicated for the average tradesman. Several compartments may be of little use to certain trades. Over 50 pockets are included to tuck away tools as needed. It does support large hand tools during the storage process. The bag will also guard against small spills that could occur.

24. Multi-Use Technician Tool Bag with LED Light by DeWalt

DeWalt is a popular brand name and has introduced a great new bag. Note that there are LED lights on the outside of the bag itself. That provides subtle lighting for use in darkened areas. Count 28 different pockets that are multi use for the savvy tradesmen. Padded handles make it comfortable to carry the bag, even when stocked with tools. That has helped DeWalt stay highly rated for their best tool bags.

23. Water Resistant Multi-Purpose Tool Bag for Contractors by Husky

Husky is a rising brand that is already out on the market. Their latest entry is a water resistant tool bag. That is perfect for use in wet conditions or during any emergency. There are three external pockets that are also reinforced. That keeps all materials safe during inclement weather conditions. Two handles will be connected with cross stitching to keep the bag safe. The best tool bags are useful for unforeseen scenarios outside. The bag is compact and can be stored away in a vehicle. The logo and red coloring offer a distinctive look. Fans of the Husky brand will want to give the model a new look.

22. Heavy Duty Tool Bag with Wide-Mouth Zipper Tops by Craftsman 

Craftsman has been on the market for some time now for buyers. Their latest bag has 3 mesh pockets with slight visibility. There are another 3 exterior pockets found on the bag itself. That helps people mix and match the tools that they opt to carry. Trust that Craftsman has put out a durable bag for consideration. It is priced low and the team hopes to sell the bag when possible. Heavy duty construction will make sure that the bag lasts. Look for the zippers to make sure they function correctly.

21. Durable Matrix Wide-Mouth Tool Bag by Black and Decker

Black & Decker has surprised many with some of their best tool bags. Their entry into the market is popular among their brand supporters. Black & Decker has issued a durable tool bag for the market. A wide mouth opening will make it easier to drop tools down inside. That simplifies the storage process and even helps people identify their bag. Black & Decker also prints their logo right on the side of the bag. That is a distinctive look and improves the standing of the model. Expect these best tool bags to sell well and fetch a fair price.

20. Durable Water Resistant Contractors Bag by Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a popular brand name that sells well in the Midwest. Consumers know that the tote bag is durable and has its own look to it. It is made out of a tough and water resistant denier material. A durable zipper closure will keep all tools stowed away. That will prevent tools from falling out on to the ground. The bag may be perfect for use in a truck while on the go. Milwaukee is a reputable brand name and one that customers can trust. Stow away accessories for long term trips and emergency work efforts.

19. Durable Legacy Tool Bag with Rain Defender by Carhartt

Carhartt has entered the market and had some success along the way. Their newest bag has impressed customers with its many features. A large, zippered main compartment is the big draw for the bag. Count up to 17 exterior pockets and 10 interior pockets. Tradesmen may note that they can keep all of their tools organized. Make sure not to tip the bag upside down. That could cause the tools to spill out while in transit. Get advice on Carhartt from other customers and feel free to call the help desk.

18. Large Box Shaped Maintenance Tool Carrier by LeatherCraft

LeatherCraft is becoming a leader in the market in their own right. They are now issuing custom bags that appeal to everyday customers. Their newest bag has a box shaped design that should prevent it from tipping over. There are elastic loops that can holster larger tools. That offers tradesmen accessibility when it comes to their kit. Another pocket will help organize small tools and components. That is perfect for the engineer or contractor on the go. Take the bag to the next work site when needed. That helps rank LeatherCraft among the best tool bags now available online.

17. Multi-Compartment Tool Backpack with 75 Pockets by LeatherCraft

LeatherCraft has another unique idea that is sure to be popular. They have introduced a backpack that is perfect for storing tools away. The backpack can holster up to 75 tools as needed for a work project. It is made out of a ballistic poly fabric that is among the most durable. Expect these best tool bags to simply last a long time. Get the product dimensions or try on the unique backpack. Even younger contractors can get some use out of the design. There is also a plastic tray that will keep all components organized too. The cost is well worth the upfront investment for buyers.

16. Military Type Jumbo Canvas Tool Bag

Some buyers appreciate an older look for their best tool bags. The cotton fabric makes the bag something special for anyone buying. A military type tool bag appeals to the sensibilities of buyers everywhere. The best tool bags sell well and are useful at the same time. Customers can rely on the soft padding for a comfortable feel. There are also 2 outside snap pockets for exterior storage. A zipper closure on the main compartment has been installed. That will ensure that all tools are stowed away safely in transit. Trust the manufacturer and enjoy a popular new bag along the way.

15. Heavy Duty Water Resistant Rolling Tool Bag by Xtreme Power

Xtreme Power is a U.S. brand manufacturer with unique ideas. Their latest tool bag features a helpful handle that resembles travel bags. The manufacturer has issued a mouth opening with zipper for the bag. That keeps all tools safely stored away and ready to be moved. The handle has a telescoping feature that adjusts its reach. That can be adjusted for use by different carriers on the go. Every buyer will find something they enjoy from the Xtreme Power brand. Note the 9 external pockets and 10 internal pockets as well. That allows for proper organization of trade tools.

14. Multi-Purpose Carrying Tool Bag with Adjustable Straps by Bastex

Bastex is ready to enter the market with a bright yellow bag. That is a vibrant color and one that is sure to draw attention. The two strap handles are easy to fold or carry as needed. Bastex has also introduced ample bag size for any kind of tools. That helps their brand unveil the best tool bags. The tough nylon material will keep the bag around for some time. There is also a plastic coating, making it easier to clean the inside. Six interior pockets and eight interior pockets are installed already. That count helps these best tool bags fill any role. Tradesmen of all backgrounds could find utility with their Bastex bag design.

13. Basic Soft Tool Bag by Craftsman

Craftsman is back with yet another tool bag for sale. Their latest entry features a black and red color scheme. There are 3 mesh pockets, each with subtle visibility in the daylight. Another 3 exterior pockets are available on the reverse. Feel free to mix and match tools in these pockets to get organized. The helpful straps are durable enough to support a hefty weight. That should allow people to stay comfortable while carrying the tools. The best tool bags are now being priced to sell for buyers.

12. Heavy Duty 24" Contractors Bag with Non-Slip Straps by DeWalt

DeWalt is a reliable brand name when it comes to the best tool bags. Look for the 4 exterior pockets on the outside. They are joined by a large open mouth bag that can store many unique tools. Even large scale tools may fit on the inside opening. Trust that DeWalt has issued one of the best tool bags on the market. That justifies a moderate price tag for the useful bag design. A black and yellow color scheme may appeal to a select few. Heavy duty poly fabric is sure to appeal to customers. Take note of the convenience handles found on each end, perfect for stow and go travel.

11. Multi-Use Collapsible Tool Bag with Open Top Design by WorkPro

WorkPro is ready to introduce their 100% polyester travel bag. An open top design will offer easy access to compartments. Expect the bag design to accommodate even large tools. The spacious interior makes it easier to stay organized while packing. Experienced tradesmen will take note of these best tool bags. There are 14 multi use pockets on the inside. Another 8 exterior pockets are found on the outside. Tuck away any components or small tools that need to be packaged. That keeps everyone organized for an expansive project on the go.

10. Free Standing Open Mouth Tool Bag by Bostitch

Bostitch has now unveiled their latest tool bags. The product is made out of a denier fabric design. There are also multiple interior and exterior pockets available as needed. Look for the strong, reinforced plastic base on the bottom. That allows heavy duty tools to be stored away as needed. It is described as a free standing bag that keeps tools organized. The open mouth design adds another element of convenience for users. Tradesmen will find something they enjoy about these best tool bags.

9. Large Open Mouth Tool Bag with Adjustable Straps by LeatherCraft

LeatherCraft is renowned for its custom tool bags for sale. Their latest model has plenty of storage options for tradesmen to consider. There are 12 multi use pockets on the interior. Another 10 multi use pockets may be found on the exterior. Padded web carrying handles will keep these tool bags comfortable. An adjustable shoulder strap is a clever innovation as well. Adjust the length of the strap for any user of any height too. Heavy duty stitching is perhaps the biggest draw since it guarantees the durability of the bag. Note that it is imported from a foreign manufacturer. Get their contact information and call the help desk with any important questions.

8. Water Resistant Vertical Tool Bag by Veto Pro Pac

Veto Pro is ready to showcase its MC Bag for consumers. Over 20 interior and exterior pockets are found with vertical storage options. That allows for plenty of customization for anyone interested. The body has a waterproof material unlike any other on the market. Even the tool pockets will be waterproof during inclement weather. The bag does fetch a high price tag on the open market. Several D rings are included for straps and added stability as needed. Take a look at the image gallery for the dull color scheme. That may influence the purchase that customers make too.

7. Heavy Duty Multi-Use Tradesman's Tool Bag by DeWalt

DeWalt is ready to unveil its latest bag for smart users. Over 13 interior pockets are found for people to try. There are also 20 exterior pockets that allow for better customization. Tradesmen from all backgrounds may find something they can use with DeWalt. Take note of the pop open design feature. That adds a certain element of convenience while storing tools. Poly fabric materials will keep the bag and tools safe in all conditions.

6. 44 Pocket Carpenter's Tool Backpack by LeatherCraft

LeatherCraft has introduced a unique backpack concept for the smart tradesmen. That is comfortable and an easy way to tote materials to a new work site. Comfortable straps are installed and will help people transport tools along the way. Get gear to an all new location in a hurry under any major trade. There are a stunning 41 pockets found on the inside. People may expect to find compartments for both tools and parts. That allows for greater customization and other features to be installed as needed.

5. Cotton Tool Bag for Mechanics by Rothco

Rothco has unveiled a popular design with cotton materials used. The bag can sit on the ground and may be used for storing away tools. The wide mouth design makes it easier to store tools away as needed. Rothco has tested their bag for quality control purposes. They are confident in the design and have their supporters too. Rothco will ensure maximum durability as their latest bag is unveiled. It has a surprisingly low price tag attached to the bag itself. Take note of a shipping weight listed at 1.5 pounds. That may cut down on shipping fees paid as needed, keeping Rotcho's model among the best tool bags.

4. Multi-Compartment Tool Bag with Center Tray by LeatherCraft

LeatherCraft continues to impress with its latest entry. The single strap is padded to ensure comfort. There are other features that help rate the model among the best tool bags. The main pocket features padded loops that keep tools safe. There are also 8 interior pockets and 8 exterior pockets. That makes for a comfortable experience for the smart customer. The bag is actually imported from another location. Give their help desk a call with any important questions. Find the bag rated highly online and for sale at a low price. A few added shipping fees do apply.

3. Durable Wide Mouth Tool Bag with Zip Top by Workpro

Workpro is a popular brand name that has attracted attention. Their matte black color scheme is emblazoned with their logo. A wide mouth opening design still features some modern aspects. There are 3 mesh pockets with limited visibility. Another 3 exterior pockets are also stitched into its design. A reinforced material for better durability is a great choice to make. The best tool bags are trusted among customers.

2. Soft-Side Tool Bag with Padded Handles by Stanley

Stanley is a great brand name with a reputation to uphold. Look at their latest bag on the open market. Their best tool bags feature a sleek strap for holding. The strap is adjustable on the best tool bags. Comfortable design features help separate the bag from its competitors. Read customer reviews on the best tool bags before buying them. Compare prices and other features listed on the site. Stanley has upheld its brand name against the competition for some time now.

1. LeatherCraft Multi-Use Tool Bag with Reinforced Bottom Panels

LeatherCraft rounds out the list with another popular entry to the best tool bags. These are designed for plumbers and electricians who take their work seriously. Reinforced bottom panels allow people to store away tools as needed. Separate small parts and tools as needed while in use. There are two distinct colors on the market from LeatherCraft. Try to buy the 2 bag combo for greater storage. Contractors will make good use out of these bags on the market as needed.

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