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 Are you looking for the best motorcycle half helmets for sale online? If so, we've reviewed the top 10 best motorcycle half helmets on the market right now. If you see a motorcycle half helmet that you are interested in, simply click on the image for more details! Stay safe out there!

10. Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet with No Outlaw Graphic

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This flat black helmet comes plain without any Outlaw graphic logos. These motorcycle half helmets by Outlaw are stocked by the Leatherup Company. The property of this half helmet includes a lightweight Polycarbonate composite shell. The advertised option of this helmet is available in a flat black color. The other properties of this motorcycle helmet include an adjustable nylon chin strap that comes with a D-ring closure and an impact absorbent comfort line developed for endurance and safety. The helmet is suitable for use with goggles, in addition to being DOT certified, it comes in numerous trims including variations of small, medium and large sizes.

9. PGR Motorcycle Half Shorty Helmet

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This PGR B31 motorcycle helmet is DOT approved. The helmet is shipped and sold by CycleworldsUSA. The helmet is available in numerous colors including gloss black. The available sizes include large, X-Large and XX-Large. These motorcycle half helmets are perfect for use with scooters, choppers, Harley’s, and Cruisers. The helmets also have a comfortable interior in addition to being lightweight. The other properties of these motorcycle half helmets include DOT compliance, and a double D-ring retention system that comes with a belt button.

8. HCI-115 Half Helmet German-Matt Black

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This Cruiser Biker Beanie half helmet is sold by I-Volution Helmets. The properties of these motorcycle half helmets includes a DOT Safety Standard compliance, a lightweight ABS built composite shell, and a well crafted cushioned comfortable interior. Other advantageous aspects that come with these motorcycle half helmets include a design that incorporates an EPS Impact Absorption inner-liner and stainless steel dual D-ring straps. This half helmet is available in stocks of large sizes; the complimentary product accessory that matches this product includes, a skull bandana motorcycle face mask and a Buffalo biker vest.

7. HCI-100 Leather Motorcycle Half Helmet

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This leather motorcycle or Scooter half helmet comes in the trims of X-small, X-large, and XX-large. These motorcycle half helmets are some of the smallest and lightest half helmets available on the market today. The helmet’s approximate weight is 2lbs, while the measurement from one ear end to the other ear end is 8.75 inches. On the other hand, the back measure 11.5 inches from the front all the way to the back. This HCI Leather Motorcycle helmet meets and surpasses the set DOT FMVSS 218 standard specifications for motorcycle half helmets.

6. Fuel Moto Half Helmet


The Fuel half helmets are sold in the trims of small, medium, large, and X-large. The in-stock colors available are flat black and gloss black. The fuel motorcycle half helmets are DOT FMVSS quality standard approved; in addition, the helmets use UV clear coated paint that guarantees users safety. The other features of these motorcycle half helmets include its marketable lightweight shell and a color that matches the screw on the ‘beak’ styled visor. The product accessories that compliment this half helmet includes Kickback Foam padded motorcycle sunglasses and a Fuel bungee cord cargo net.

5. VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet 

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The Cruiser motorcycle half helmets are available in large sizes and a variety of colors, including, this glossy black color. Some of the enticing features regarding these motorcycle half helmets include its solid gloss design and high quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell made for easy washing and removal. The other qualities include its adjustable double D-ring which secures a nylon chin strap for easy adjustment. The half helmet is also built to fit different hat sizes ranging from 7 3/8 (23.23 Inches) all the way to 7 ½ (23.63 Inches). The helmet can be purchased with accompanying accessories such as the aviator goggles and padded motorcycle sunglasses.

4. Low Profile Harley Half Helmet with Star

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This brand of novelty Harley motorcycle half helmets are sold by IV2 Helmets. The product features a padded and adjustable chin strap. The half helmet also fits comfortably to the skull without exuding the awkward mushroom look. The helmet is built true to the human dimensional head-size using a durable steel quick release buckle. It also features an ABS Shell with well-cushioned interior that is designed for comfort. The low profile Harley motorcycle half helmets are specifically sold for novelty purposes; the available in-stock colors include black and white.

3. Flame Reaper Black Motorcycle Cruiser Biker Beanie Half Helmet 

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These motorcycle half helmets are available in medium and other sizes. This helmet is also one of the smallest and lightest motorcycle half helmets on the market. These brands of motorcycle half helmets weigh about 2lbs, with a measurement of 8.75 inches. These motorcycle half helmets meet and exceed the DOT FMVSS 218 quality specifications; they also feature a removable visor, a quality plush interior, stainless steel dual D-rings, and a clear coated DOT on the back. When wearing these motorcycle half helmets, the head should be measured at approximately 1-inch above the wearer’s eyebrows.

2. Vega Naked Motorcycle Half Helmet

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These motorcycle half helmets are available in many trims such as, small, medium and large sizes among others. The most popular of these motorcycle half helmets are the one’s sold in black colors; other colors available include, white, carbon, pearl white colors, and other distinct black and white color variants. The features of this durable half helmet includes a DOT compliance, and a fiberglass shell that is designed with an aggressive cut-away styling. The Vega XTS Naked Half Helmet also comes with helmet bag and optional detachable ear warmers for riding in comfort when wearing these motorcycle half helmets.

1. Wine Motorcycle/Scooter Half Helmet 

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This half helmet is sold in all manner of sizes ranging from small, to medium and large sizes with different variations. These motorcycle half helmets are offered for sale with optional gift wrap shipping. The helmet comes available with a stainless steel dual D-rings, and is certified by the USA safety approval DOT FMVSS218 Standards. The XL helmet’s inside circumference measures 6- to 61 Inches. The HCI 110 motorcycle half helmets also have a Polycarbonate shell designed to instill durability

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