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 Are you looking for the best life jackets for kids that are for sale online? If so, we've reviewed the top 10 life jackets for kids on the market right now. If you're looking for adorable cat clothes then click the link. If you see a life jacket that you are interested in, simply click on the image for more details! Stay safe out there!

10. Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket

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The Stearns Puddle Jumper is both traditional and fun in the world of life jackets for kids. Featuring arm buoys and a comfortable front strap, this jacket is appropriate for kids who weigh between 30 and 50 pounds. The design features an exciting, happy face that displays a giant smile and a bright red nose. There are a variety of colors from which to choose, and it features nylon construction that gives it an extreme amount of durability. Unlike many life jackets for kids, this one provides them with a wide range of motion on top of stability

9. Stearns Watersport Classic Child's Life Jacket

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This model from Stearn life jackets for kids features a sophisticated design for kids who want an adult feel in their life jacket. The sides of the vest use a closed pattern with a secure, one-inch webbing. Many life jackets for kids with this design have a tendency to slip off or become uncomfortable while in the water. However, the Watersport Classic uses a leg strap so the vest can be securely adjusted for ideal stability.


8. O'Neill Youth Superlite USCG Vest - Best Life Jackets for Kids

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Life jackets for kids should be approved for safety from every angle despite their design. The O'Neil Youth Superlite is a USCG-Approved life vest that gives kids comfort and security whatever the water conditions may be. It uses a coated, nylon shell that makes it one of the most durable pieces available when searching for life jackets for kids. The jacket is also easy for kids to use so that they can get excited about using it. It features quick-release buckles that simply snap into place. Its superior floating abilities are based on the use of closed-cell, PVC Marine foam.

7. O'Neill Wetsuits Child Superlite USCGA Vest 

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This O'Neil Wetsuits Child jacket stands out from the competition by providing an ideal balance between function and comfort. It comes in a variety of colors and uses one of the most cutting-edge designs available in life jackets for kids. The quick-release snaps are adjustable, allowing parents to quickly secure the jacket so they can let kids get back to the fun. This is one of the few life jackets for kids that are completely approved for use in any type of marine environment. It is also affordable and features an adjustable leg strap as well

6. Stearns Dora The Explorer Life Jacket

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When it comes to the most exciting life jackets for kids, get their attention with fun designs from the cartoons and shows that they love. The Dora the Explorer Jacket is appropriate for children who weigh between 30 and 50 pounds, offering safety and a chance for the children to use their imaginations. It utilizes a secure, one-inch webbing that is one of the most comfortable features available in life jackets for kids. It is highly durable, and the graphics will last for years due to the fact that they are resistant to fading. This model uses all PE foam, making it light and effective.

5. O'brien Child Neoprene Vest

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O'brien has developed a superior Child Neoprene Vest that uses the most advanced fabric available on today's market. Life jackets for kids rarely combine so many wonderful features into one piece of equipment. The front of the jacket zips together and adds more security with the single waist belt that is built in as well. The neoprene material is difficult to find in life jackets for kids. However, this jacket uses this material even in the padded leg strap. The comfort also extends to the neck pillow and extra strap for parental control. The comfort is designed around a concern for maneuverability as well. O'brien has also developed fabric that gives it amazing abilities. This material is lightweight, stretches without wearing, and covers extremely effective yet soft foam.

4. Stearns Youth Boating Vest (50-90 lbs.)

Stearns has developed another winner with the release of the Youth Boating Vest. Unlike the life jackets for kids mentioned above, this jacket is rated for kids between the weights of 50 and 90 pounds. It comes in both red and purple and has received the complete approval of the United States Coast Guard. Drawing on the most beloved elements from previous life jackets for kids, this jacket is build on simplicity. It uses only the most essential elements while concentrating on effectiveness and comfort. The Youth Boating Vest uses an open-sided design that incorporates side-webbing and durability in every single detail. The foam is lightweight and durable as well. The PE material is ideally suited for any activity where safety is a priority.

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3. Swimways Sea Squirts Dolphin Life Jacket

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The Swimways Dolphin design is one of the coolest and most unique life jackets for kids available. Kids get excited when it is time to put on this safety equipment. Every jacket features a flexible fin on the rear, allowing kids to let their imagination run free. The creative fun that always offers safety comes in a huge range of colors that lets kids become enthusiastic about safety. The Coastguard has approved this jacket as a Type III personal floatation device, allowing parents to know that they are investing in both quality and uniqueness. While the fin always offers fun, it can be folded to the side when the activity in the water is at a faster pace. When the fin is upwards, it doubles as a secure place to hold for parents when it comes to aiding children in swimming.

2. O'Neill Infant Nylon USCG Vest

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It is never too early to get children into the water. Like the majority of the leading life jackets for kids, this vest for infants is USCG approved. This fact lets parents have absolutely no worries when it comes to their precious, small children exploring this new environment. It uses the best floatation devices in the industry, incorporating PVC Marine foam. The design is completely based around support and safety. Additionally, there are quick-release snaps for safety and convenience that is unmatched in the world of life jackets for kids.

1. Stohlquist Unisex Nemo Life Jacket for Kids

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This unisex offering in life jackets for kids features designs from the beloved Nemo cartoons. It can be washed easily, using only soap and water. It is superior among life jackets for kids, ranking as a Type II Personal Flotation Device. It also offers one-of-a-kind comfort thanks to the use of the 200 Denier oxford shell and liner.

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