The Best 8 Camera Security System for Sale Online

 Are you looking for the best 8 camera security system for the money? If so, we've reviewed the top 10 best 9 camera security systems for sale online. If you see one that you are interested in, simply click on the image for more details! Stay safe out there!

10. Zmodo PKD-DK0855 500GB 8-Channel DVR Security System with 8 CMOS IR Cameras, 500 GB Hard Drive, and Remote Web/Mobile Access

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This 8 camera security system is perfect for each franchise of a business like C-stores, or coffee huts. This business or home security system takes a bit of imagination to route all of the wiring, but once they are centralized the recording is perfect. Usually night vision cameras with motion detection is a mis-representation, but this 8 camera security system really works on a “hair trigger.” All channels record in even quality and can easily be reconciled together by time and location. The cameras are black which adds a great boost to the systems effectiveness. For the money, there is probably no better 8 camera security system for sale online at the moment!

9. Zmodo 8CH CCTV H.264 DVR Security Surveillance Camera System & 8 Color Outdoor IR Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive 

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This 8 camera security system is unique because it offers full color streaming to either the internal recording device, or a mobile access unit. Each camera has a wide top shield to protect it from weather conditions, and an optional mount to increase spy zones. The 8 camera security system has a 1 Trilobite memory that stores images 24/7 for eight full days. Each camera is uniform in its setup, but the programming of the main console is a bit confusing. Once it is fully functional, nothing in the viewing areas goes unnoticed and without vivid detail.

8. Zmodo KDB8-BARBZ8ZN-500GB 8-Channel H.264 DVR with 500GB HDD and 8 CMOS 480TVL 65-Feet IR Outdoor Security Cameras (Silver) 

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CMOS technology is responsible for the incredible range of this 8 camera security system. Each monitoring eye has a circular series of 1/4” CMOS sensors that accurately capture fine details in full color up to 65 feet without decay. The memory of the this 8 camera security system is 500 GB, with the potential for either multi-screen monitoring, or 3G Smartphone access with security clearance. Ultimate light and contrast sensitivity is the hallmark of this property-saving security setup.

7. DEFENDER 8-Channel Smart Security DVR with 8 Ultra Resolution Outdoor Security Cameras

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This 16 channel, 8 camera security system is perfect for low light interior and nighttime exterior monitoring. The high resolution eyes capture all motion within 100 feet of each camera. Once the images are caught, they are routed back to a powerful storage unit where they are compressed in a memory-saving series of files. Like all reliable 8 security camera systems, the Defender can be monitored live with the latest phone technology. It is however, best used as an after-hours security unit.

6. Zmodo Surveillance System with 8 Weatherproof IR Cameras PKD-DK0865 

This is a fantastic 8 camera security system which allows live feeds via smart phone and other uplinks. It is a system based on immediate output rather than stored information on a hard drive. The weather-proof cameras relay detailed pictures to remote devices for live monitoring and TV monitor BNC and VGA output. There are 30 foot lines that connect to standard H.264 compression hardware. We really recommend this 8 camera security system if  you're looking for both value and quality!

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5. Night Owl Security STA-88 Night Owl Security 8 Channel STA DVR with 8 Night Vision Cameras 500 GB HD and Smartphone Viewing, 30-Feet 

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This is one of the most powerful and compact reliable 8 camera security systems on the market. It's called the Night Owl because is can be nestled into the most discrete places, and immediately sends out alerts via email. The DVR is absolutely space-saving being less than 150 cubic inches. The mounts on each camera eye is extremely sturdy and easy to position. There is no extra mounting hardware or long connectors, so each eye can be hidden in the most covert of corners and spaces. If there is an absolutely necessary angle to capture for adequate security, this 8 camera security system is compact enough to allow it. Alerts can also be stored, compressed and uploaded to the latest smartphone address.

4. Zmodo 8 Channel Security CCTV DVR System With 8 Outdoor Color IR Surveillance Camera - 500GB HD Pre-installed

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This is an amazing step forward in 8 camera security system technology and marketing. The eyes and their mounts are standard size and a great neutral color. The 500 gig high definition storage capacity is great, but there is one feature to this unit that stands out from the rest of the security camera field. When it arrives, it is pre-programmed and already has installed communication between the indoor/outdoor cameras and the main storage unit. This is the perfect 8 camera security system for a business or homeowner that wants recorded security scanning NOW! Remember Zmodo for instant surveillance.

3.LTS 8-Camera H.264 Realtime DVR Security System with 500GB, Mobile Phone Live View, VGA output 

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Wow, this 8 camera security system is a true example of versatile surveillance technology. Its cameras are infrared for motion and low light detection. The feeds of footage can be displayed on any TV, or HD media monitor. This includes late-model smartphones and pads. Real-time Security setup is the ideal monitoring system for long-term unattended surveillance. Its data compression capability preserves colors, motion, and detail for an extended period and it is equipped with customizable alarm settings. No matter the length of time this 8 camera security system must be the eyes and ears of an area, its performance and quality is spectacular and reliable. This is the perfect security monitoring system for vacation homes and municipal installations.

2. ZMODO 16CH H.264 Standalone DVR CCTV Surveillance System with 8 Bullet Sony CCD Outdoor Cameras & 8 Dome Sony CCD Weatherproof Security Cameras-1TB HD 

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Standalone means confidence and the fortitude to withstand harsh elements in daylight or at night. This is an 8 camera security system with an 8 camera bonus. Not only are there 8 standard, weather-bearing scroll cameras to mount, but this system also includes 8 bullet cams to supplement the vantage angles. Each eye is CCTV compatible and feeds detailed information to a storage unit that automatically relays visuals and records to a chosen device with email and smart technology interface. It easily handles and recycles over 1 Trilobite of information when activated for a long period of time. Plus, it looks incredibly “space-aged.” Coming in at #2 on our list of 8 camera security systems, this beast of a system is perfect for most small business or home needs!

1. Swann SWDVK-825508 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder with Smartphone Viewing and 8 x 600TVL Cameras 

This security camera setup will accurately store recorded information for up to 120 days without fail. The incredibly powerful 500 GB hard drive establishes a nearly unbreakable communication between cameras and a 3G enable device for unsurpassed versatility. This is the best 8 camera security system by way of remote viewing using UpnP auto configurations.

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8 Camera Security System Explained

It is not enough to cover only entryways of homes and businesses with camera surveillance. It is also important to interface powerfully with surveillance software which delivers clear, uninterrupted views of a property or sensitive zone for accurate recording, cache building and live monitored feeds. It has been established by the best security professionals that 8 cameras is the minimum number to install for complete geometric coverage of any area. Whatever events “go down,” one or two network video recorders (NVRs) will never capture all of the details. The 8 camera security system above is a great example of a setup to consider for any structure or sensitive area.


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DISCLAIMER: Product reviews contained herein are based on third party analysis of individual and organization observations and do not reflect independent studies, analysis or findings. Prospective purchasers should conduct independent verification of product specifications and safety standards prior to making any purchases. 


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