Top 25 Best Work Shoes for Flat Feet

If you're searching for the best work shoes for flat feet then you've come to the right spot. From men's work shoes for construction to women's clog-like work shoes, we've found the best for shoes for flat feet. Enjoy!

25. Men's New Balance Work Shoes for Flat Feet

These shoes from New Balance work wonders on sore and tired feet. They provide support and comfort for long periods of time and help you get through those days at work where you spend several hours on your feet. These are the best work shoes for flat feet and anyone who suffers from fallen arches will immediately feel the relief that New Balance shoes such as these provide them. These are the type of shoes you will keep around for a LONG time. It is almost as if they were created specifically for those with flat feet.

24. Best Work Shoes for Flat Feet by Dr. Scholl's 

Dr. Scholls is widely regarded as one of the best work shoes for flat feet. They have a reputation in the shoe industry for their high-quality shoes for good reason. Anyone who has been diagnosed with flat feet should be made aware of these shoes. They have a custom gel sole built in that makes your feet feel absolutely painless. It's almost like magic. Nothing compares if you are looking for the best work shoes for flat feet. Even if you have good arches these shoes will help your feet stay in good condition so you never need to worry about your foot health again.

23. Work Shoes by Skechers for Men 

Working men that need the extra protection a steel toed shoe provides should look into these Sketchers shoes. They are no joke and last a really long time. They combine the convenience of a slip on shoe with the safety of a steel toe work shoe that delivers an unparalleled level of comfort. Anyone with flat feet will tell you that shoes with laces will constrict your feet and do not allow for contouring their feet need. These are by far the best work shoes for flat feet. No comparison. These are the last pair of shoes you will ever have to buy.

22. Women's Work Shoes by Skechers - Black

These slip resistant, slip on shoes are heaven sent! They are one of the few pairs of shoes that actually allow you to have a pain free work day. These are the best work shoes for flat feet because they use memory foam technology which allows you the freedom of being on your feet for hours at a time and not have to worry about pain again. Memory foam is usually used for beds so if it is good enough to fall asleep on think about how great it feels for your feet. The cushion never wears out so even after long periods of time on your feet you will still feel the support provided by these shoes.

21. Keen Utility Work Shoes - Steel Toe - Good for Flat Feet

KEEN Utility boots are among the best work shoes for flat feet. They take the cake when it comes to comfort and support. They are absolutely a superior product and highest quality of shoe available on the market. These boots are inspired by hiking boots which are designed to fit perfectly around your feet. A precise fit is a very important aspect to consider when buying shoes especially if you spend extended periods of time standing and walking. They deliver that extra support without being overly constrictive. Don't pass these up!

20. Flat Footed Work Shoes by Keen - Atlanta Steel Toe 

These KEEN shoes are very unique. They have a mesh liner that allows for breathability which keeps your feet nice and cool. These are a lifesaver during the summer and by far they are the best work shoes for flat feet. They do not lack in support and can provide a high level of comfort to those who suffer from unusually flat feet. It is the attention to detail that makes a difference. After trying these shoes, you will never want to buy a different pair of shoes ever again. You will know the difference between a good shoe and a GREAT shoe the first day of wearing these.

19. Stanley Work Shoes - Men's Dredge

Stanley knows how to make a good pair of shoes. These shoes are high-quality work shoes and quite possibly the best work shoes for flat feet. They do not over stretch even after several months on the job. They are designed with pull on loops which are very convenient for people who don't like to struggle with pulling on a pair of work shoes. No other shoe compares when it comes to supporting and convenience. They are super comfortable and work like a charm. This is an A+ product from an A+ company.

18. Men's Waiter Work Shoe by New Balance 

When you spend several hours on your feet, whether it is at work or home, you know that you need to have a comfortable and cushy pair of shoes for that much-needed support. Look no further, these New Balance shoes are absolutely amazing. They are the best work shoes for flat feet as well because they have a high level of arch support built directly into the insoles. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on expensive insoles to put in their shoes, while these have the most comfortable insoles already built in. They also don't skimp when it comes to heel cushions and toe space. No other shoes can compare to these.

17. Timberland PRO men's Powertrain Work Shoe 

These Timberland shoes are great because they are not only comfortable, but they look good too. As far as work shoes go, they are top tier and provide a perfect fit to your feet. They are made to be lightweight and are considered to be the best work shoes for flat feet. They come in multiple colors which are a plus to anyone who likes the design but needs to color coordinate. They seem to absorb the impact your foot makes with every step and disperses the force evenly throughout your foot. These are an amazing pair of shoes that are highly underrated.

16. Reebok Work Shoes for Men with Flat Feet

Do not pass up these shoes! Reebok is known for their quality and shoes like these are a perfect example. These shoes are made to be the best work shoes for flat feet because they use a removable EVA cushion. It helps those who need a shoe that offers stability as well as comfort. After buying these shoes you will never have to worry about foot pain again. Cannot stress it enough, this is an awesome product.

15. Titan Soft-Toe Work Shoe by Timberland Pro 

These Timberland shoes are the best work shoes for flat feet because they are designed to fit snugly around the foot. A high degree of arch support combined with durable sole inserts means these are ideal shoes for those who suffer from flat feet. Being on your feet for long hours takes a toll on your feet so investing in shoes like these is very important to prevent future injuries. Being pain-free does wonder for not only your physical health but your mental health as well. These shoes help immensely with foot pain.

14. Skechers Felton Black Work Shoe for Flat Feet 

If you are looking for the best work shoes for flat feet, then look no further. These Sketchers are designed with memory foam insoles which help power you through a rough day at work. Being on your feet constantly will cause pain in your heels, toes, and arches if you do not get the perfect shoes for your feet. They have a unique insole that makes it feel like you are walking on the sunshine. These shoes are exactly the right fit for someone who has flat feet or any kind of foot pain whatsoever. A must have a pair of shoes.

13. Black Leather Skechers Work Shoes

These Sketchers shoes are slip resistant, steel toed, and are non-conductive to protect from electrical hazards. They are durable and long lasting, as well as supportive for people with flat feet or fallen arches. The supportive design makes these shoes the best work shoes for flat feet. They have a sleek, professional look to them so they go well with many different outfits and uniforms. Overall they are just a great pair of shoes. You can wear these even if you aren't working, they are that comfortable!

12. Dansko Women's Work Shoe Clogs for Flat Feet 

These Dansko shoes are amazing. Don't fall for false advertisement with other shoes that claim to cure foot pain caused by flat feet. These shoes have the comfort and support any woman needs with the fashion and design that women want. They are the best work shoes for flat feet because they have a padded instep collar which provides all day support and a breathable foot bed to keep your feet cool throughout the day. Say goodbye to foot pain and hello to happy feet!

11. Dr. Scholl's Harrington Work Shoes 

What are the best work shoes for flat feet? If you ask yourself that question and you have a job that requires you to stand, walk and lift on a regular basis you will appreciate these Dr. Scholls shoes. They are great for anyone looking to relieve their foot pain caused by fallen arches and flat feet. Without a doubt, these are the best work shoes for flat feet. Period. They last longer than most other work shoes due to the quality design and heavy stitching. You'll wish you would have bought these sooner. 

10. Women's Work Shoes for Flat Feet by Sloggers - Assorted Colors

These Sloggers are just what the doctor ordered. They come in so many varieties and colors it will be hard for you to find one you don't like. The thing about these shoes is they aren't just for style. They perform amazingly when it comes to comfort. They support your feet with a custom insole. They are also made with deep-lug tread for extra traction, which helps relieve sore and tired feet. All of these aspects make these shoes the best work shoes for flat feet, especially when you consider the price point! You can't beat this deal.

9. Caterpillar Work Shoes for Flat Footed Workers 

The best work shoes for flat feet are these Caterpillar work shoes. They make for an absolutely top notch pair of shoes that hold up to all of their claims. Support, comfort, quality, and style: they have it all. These shoes also have a composite toe which gives you protection on the job and allows for high degrees of movement for your feet whether you work in an office or on a mountain. You may never want a different shoe again.

8. Flat Footed Fila Work Shoe for Men and Women

These are a solid pair of shoes. Overall, they are the best work shoes for flat feet and if you happen to suffer from flat feet, then you definitely need to invest in a pair of Fila shoes such as these. They have a sleek, minimalistic design that works perfectly for many kinds of outfits. The impact that walking creates on your feet is reduced with shoes such as these. Those who stand for hours on their feet should consider buying a pair of these shoes because when you are wearing these shoes it feels like you are standing on clouds.

7. Mudsill Timberland Work Shoe for Flat Footed Construction Workers

These Timberland shoes are the best work shoes for flat feet and if you ever owned a pair of shoes like these, it is easy to tell why. They have built in support which cushions every step you take and even after wearing these shoes for hours on end there is no wearing down of the materials in the shoe. These shoes seem to be created specifically for those who have issues with foot pain or flat feet. These shoes are quite possibly the best shoe ever created, especially for a person with flat feet.

6. Slip Resistant Work Shoes for Flat Feet 

This is the best pair of clog style shoes ever! Sketchers had a vision for the best work shoes for flat feet in mind when they designed these shoes because the comfort and support that these shoes provide is 100% unmatched. You will love the feel of this shoe, and not to mention they are so easy to slip on and off. After using these shoes you will remember that walking doesn't have to feel pain with every step you take. You will find you have more energy to do things that you otherwise couldn't do because of painful, flat feet.

5. Stylish Timberland Work Shoes for Flat Feet 

These Timberland shoes work shoes will quickly become your favorite pair of shoes that you own. They are heavy duty, high quality and well designed. They cannot be beaten when it comes to the best work shoes for flat feet. If you suffer from flat feet, fallen arches or any other kind of foot condition, these shoes are meant for you. Everyone should take good care of their feet and that starts with putting them in a pair of these shoes. They are so good it is worth repeating: these shoes are the best work shoes for flat feet. A must have for anyone who feels even the slightest foot pain.

4. Steel-Toe Work Shoe by Skechers

When you spend 6+ hours on your feet, you know that investing in a good pair of shoes is a smart move. These Sketchers shoes are the best work shoes for flat feet because they have plenty of cushion in the insoles. They contour to your foot perfectly and fit like it was custom designed for your foot. The cushioned insole can be removed if you want and can be replaced with other insoles if you have a different preference. The versatility is what makes these shoes great and why everyone deserves to own a pair.

3. 6" Soft Toe Work Shoe by Timberland

These Titan work boots by Timberland live up to their name. They have a nylon shank that supports the boots to fit your feet. They are undoubtedly the best work shoes for flat feet ever made due to the fact that they have a heel lock lacing system which allows the shoe to snugly fit your foot's curvature and support you throughout the entire work day. Design aspects such as these are what separates an average shoe from an awesome shoe. Look no further these shoes are the absolute best. Period.

2. Slip Resistant Work Shoes for Flat Feet

When Sketchers created these shoes, they hit the nail on the head. They perform beautifully when put through even the most brutal of work days. Those who have flat feet can rest assured knowing that these shoes are the best work shoes for flat feet. Shoes like these are the cure to foot pain and make standing and walking all day long a breeze. They are breathable, supportive and well made. You can tell Sketchers paid extra attention to the details when creating this shoe. You can't pass these up.

1. Leather Brown Mariner Work Shoe by Skechers

These days it is hard to find a shoe that will last long, support your feet, and provide the comfort needed to endure a long work day. It is even harder for people who have flat feet. If you have arches that have fallen due to years of walking and standing long hours on your feet, don't pass up on these shoes. These Sketchers shoes are the best work shoes for flat feet because they can take any kind of abuse you throw at them. Instead of beating up your feet, these shoes will take the beating, leaving your feet feeling great and ready for another day. You don't have to live with constant foot pain anymore; these are the last shoes you will ever need.

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